Demonstrating Product: An Overview

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Demonstrating Product: An Overview

A product demonstration is one of your best sales tools if you have a high-quality product. It helps you get prospective customers interested and excited about your solution. It is also an effective way to address the prospect’s specific concerns.

Stimulates Interest
Product demonstrations provide visual support to enhance the quality of your sales presentation. Prospects who are more visual or hands-on learners often need to see your product in action to fully grasp its value and potential. This is especially true if unique design features are key selling points, such as with lighting fixtures. The ability to see and feel your product is generally more appealing to prospects than simply listening to your sales pitch.

Demo Kits
There are a myriad of sales tools and demo kits available to help you showcase products for clients.  Here are a few that are available…

TerraVue Outdoor Shade Solutions

ALL NEW TERRAVUE™ Outdoor Shade Solutions sample bag features everything you need to easily illustrate our outdoor shade line to your customer

FABRIC DECK! View all available fabric offerings in an easy to use large sample deck Newly Designed All-in-One Bag!

HARDWARE SAMPLES! View the actual componentry and hardware systems, each contained in a custom case.

EXTRA STORAGE – Store measuring tools and price guide in the added compartments.

PROLUXE SAMPLE KIT by American Lighting

Our Proluxe sample kit will allow you to demonstrate key features and enhance the selling experience by allowing your customers to see and feel the product, ensuring they make an educated purchase.

We have included Tunable, RGB, and Single Color products to make it easy for you to show the spectrum of light output that is possible with our line.

WAC Landscape Kit

The Landscape case contains WAC landscape product with beam adjustability and on-board dimming but also an Inground unit with the Color Changing capabilities!

This is offered in AiSPiRE with DMX but we included the bluetooth version so it can be easily demo’d by your sales team or the Integrator!

Just download the free Illumenight app and you are on your way!

Contact your Strateres Account Manager to learn more.